The Hereford Story:

Our Hereford bulls come from a very old herd in Mexico that has had no outside genetics brought in for 43 years. They have the "old-style" body type (short and wide); exactly the body style needed in a grass-based system. (They are very similar to the type of Herefords that we prominent in the 1950's.) Their genetic traits have been selected over the years for hardiness and an ability to thrive on grass, and not much of it. The ranch in Mexico, Valle Columbia, where they were born and raised is high desert country and has very little grass, yet the cows and bulls there are all very healthy and fat. They are used to working for their food and walking for miles to get water. When we brought our bulls over to the United States, they showed almost no signs of adaption problems. What little weight loss they had during transport was quickly regained and more. They are surprisingly docile, given the "range" type system they have grown up in and have adapted well to our more "hands-on" management. These bulls have the genetic density to improve your herd and give you a high return on your grass.


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Hereford Bull #99

Hereford Bull #144

Hereford Bull #145